Get the Flickr

Baru daftar flikcr tgl 27 April 2006 kemaren.. telat.. bukannya g tau cuman lagi males ndaftar aja hehehe! what is flikr? ah ni saya copi paste aja yah.. situ translate aja ndiri!

What is Flickr?

Flickr is the best way to store, sort, search and share your photos online. There is a huge mass of photos in the world, and Flickr provides a way to organize yours, and for you and your friends and family to tell your stories about them.

The best way to learn about it is to upload some photos, explore the site, join some groups and make some friends. There is more information about Flickr and who is responsible on our About Page.

n, where's my flikcr? here it is..


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