Find Me on the Net

You can easily find me (this blog, my friendster account, others..) on the net by searching with these keywords

on google – show in the First Page :
1. sandy malang, (malang = my hometown)
2. sandy stie, (stie = my office)
3. sandy mce, (mce = my office)
4. sandy mitek, (mitek = my college)
5. sandy brawijaya, (brawijaya = my college)
6. sandy’s blog, (my blog)
7. sandynata (my nickname)
8. sandy bakso, (bakso = i create a website Bakso Kota Cak Man)
9. sandy smunda, (smunda = smu 2 = my high school)
10. sandy smp 5, (smp 5 = my junior high)
11. sandy suryadinata, (my fullname)
12. sandy indonesia, (indonesia = my country)

All of these simple keywords will give you links to my web/blog and any other online information about me on the First Page and even at the First List. You can also find me using those keyword on Yahoo but it will give you a little bit less result than Google does. That’s why i love Google 😀

I want to make it more simple, how can i get the same result just using one keyword “sandy” ? you know, “sandy” is a common name, if you use with this words you’ll see me (my Blog) listed on the Third Page (page 3)…. hm….. (thinking)

update 04-12-2006
i’m number 1 (one!) with this words “suryadinata” (my last name).. hooo yeah!

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7 responses to “Find Me on the Net

  1. thx Shelby! actually it just surprise me when i try to find my self through google/yahoo search 🙂

    maybe you just have to spend more time to “walk” around the net and leave a “trace” there.



  2. he..he.. sing jelas kudu konsisten pake nickname he..he..
    daku dari taon 98 sudah pake nick kurnia_1 di internet he..he…

    nb (nabok bokong)
    busyet… fans nya ada yg bule to he he


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